March 26, 2021

We had family photos done and here’s what happened

We got our family photos done! YAY! But get this…the last time we had them done was TWO YEARS AGO! 

You think as a photographer I would be more on top of that, but I digress. You know you’re a photographer when you have more photos of other people’s families then your own am I right? 🤣

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows getting there, THEN when we did get there my lovely daughter did not want to cooperate! 

I figured this could be good for others who are planning their family photos to show that we don’t have it completely together either. Planning family photos is messy, stressful, and at time I wanted to just up and cancel it altogether, but I am glad we went through with it because Christine Harrel Photography did a great job capturing our family in this season of life.  

And at the end I will provide you with my planning checklist to get you from your photographer search to your photos hanging in your home

Our family photos at woodward park in tulsa oklahoma by photographer christine harrel

The Planning

I love having photographer friends that I can trade sessions with. In the fall I photographed Christine’s family and last week she photographed mine at Woodward Park in Tulsa.
We originally were supposed to do these in December then my husband told me we couldn’t because of his work schedule, we rescheduled due to weather, then finally we got to go out and shoot!
I felt so bad every time I needed to reschedule and push the session and the second time, I just felt like canceling because it seemed like these were never going to happen.

Our family photos at woodward park in tulsa by Christine Harrel Photography

Picking the Outfits

Let me tell you…no matter who you are outfit planning is hard! Needing to coordinate 4 different people for photos, and usually it falls on mom, is a pain. 

When it came to spring pictures, I knew what I was going to wear because the color palette. Pastels and spring go hand in hand. But for my daughter…I went to three different stores, bought two other outfits (ended up returning one of them, the other is in her closet and wasn’t used for pictures) then I found her dress at Wal-Mart of all places 5 minutes from our house. Then her shoes also had to go back and get exchanged because they were too big. 🤦‍♀️

My husband picked something out an hour before we left the house, and I worried it wouldn’t work with everything else but looking at the photos it’s not all the bad. 

My son, I bought his shirt and shoes at Target. The shirt was way too big even though it was his size. But we tucked it in and made it work.

We put so much emphasis on our outfit choices because we want to have them hung in our home. So, I am glad I started early. LOL!

Our family photos at woodward park in tulsa by Christine Harrel Photography

The Day of Our Shoot

A lot happened the day of our session. I had a breakdown that morning, I was running around looking for the right pieces to finish the kid’s outfits, and my husband developed a tension/caffeine headache. 

So, on the way to the shoot, we stopped at Starbucks to get rid of the caffeine headache and then that caused us to run about ten minutes behind. The weather went from sunny to overcast as the day continued so the sunset was covered by clouds and the temperature dropped. My daughter refused to sit for a picture with her brother so and we could only capture pictures of her picking flowers. 🤣

Plus, we bribed our son ten minutes on the swings to for him to be good and not complain.

But In The End...

What does this show you? That in you can worry and stress all you want; things are still bound to happen because that’s life.
You will still get gorgeous photos to put in your home. Heck they may even turn out better then you though because not only do you have pictures with the whole family you have pictures that really show off you families’ personality.
Look at a couple more of our family photos below…

Family photos above credited to:: Christine Harrell Photography

Helpful Resource

As a mom it is stressful to plan a family session though. So, I have something for you! My handy dandy checklist for planning your family session!
This will get you from wanting to get family photos done to having those photos hanging in your home!

photography planning checklist by tulsa photorgapher elizabeth kane

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