February 19, 2021

Cider Hill Family Orchard Kansas City, Kansas | Kowena Family

One of my favorite family sessions to date. Moriah and her family had just moved to Kansas City from Tulsa and were in search of updated family photos. We started chatting and realized we actually had a lot in common and couldn’t wait to meet. See being new to Kansas, add in the fact of a global pandemic, and they hadn’t really had the chance to explore or meet to many people.

I understand how that feels with the fact that we move every couple years because military life. So we scheduled a time for right before Thanksgiving to Meet at Cider Hill Family Orchard. As a mom though she was worried about what all parents are worried about. “My son doesn’t like to sit still.” WHEN DO THEY EVER! 😂 We work with what the little ones give us honestly, and try to prevent a meltdown.

But as you can see below everything turned out beautifully!

Location: Cider Hill Family Orchard Kansas City, Kansas

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