January 7, 2022

5 Tips for Planning a Wedding during COVID

Are you planning your wedding during COVID? I am sharing 5 tips right here, right now to help you get through it.

Over the last 16 months I have been in the process of planning our 10-year vow renewal and we are now only 31 days away. We will be heading down to Florida to renew our vows aboard the Disney Dream but as we have gotten closer the stress revolving around the whole trip had come to a peek and I was about ready to cancel the entire thing simply due to the regulations and rules that had me compromising on every little aspect.

So, I wanted to share the 5 tips I have learned so hopefully you can be less stressed when planning your big day.

5. Choose you vendors diligently

Your vendors will make or break it. Especially in times like these. COVID has been around long enough, so it is no longer an extenuating circumstance when it comes to cancellations in a lot of contracts. But make sure you are choosing vendors who will be able to help reassure you, have flexible rescheduling in case something happens, and always, always make sure your vendors have contracts to keep you BOTH protected.

4. Be flexible when planning and know it won't be perfect because nothing is perfect

This is what really got my brain and stress riled up in the last week. When I started planning, I had this vision in my head of what it was supposed to look like and since we didn’t do the big weeding thing originally when we got married in 2012, I was so excited about planning the perfect vow renewal. Then everything became about compromising and we just moved our on-ship venue from indoor to outdoor due to mask requirements. I was in tears worried about how everything was coming together.

When you are planning your wedding you may have a specific vision for your venue, dress, decor, etc. And sometimes budget, guest list, or other circumstances may come up and those visions may need to be adjusted AND THAT’S OKAY.

3. Talk to your partner

As brides we try to handle much of the planning and it’s stressful. Make sure you are talking to your partner as things progress and don’t forget to talk about your fears/worries. They will be able to help you feel better.

2. Don’t forget about self-care and reconnecting

It is important to make sure you are taking time to connect with each other and take time for yourself especially during the last 3 months of planning. At this point everything is coming to a head. Final prep is being done, final payments are starting to be due, etc. You might start wondering to yourself why you’re going through with a wedding and start thinking about cancelling the party and just elope and be done.

Just take a breath, turn off the phones and go on a date, take some self-care time. Just push they wedding planning aside for the day or night. It will still be there tomorrow.

1. Always remember what the end goal is

At the end of the day your are marrying the love of your life and nothing else can really top that. Just hold onto that and you’ll be good.

Bonus tip:

If you are having a destination wedding hire a travel agent. Travel agents are a free for you to use and can take so much stress off. When we started planning the cruise, I thought I could do it without help and then I started answering the same questions repeatedly. Save yourself time and hire the travel agent and let the handle guest questions and booking.

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